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December Athlete of the Month

Daniel Healy, our sophomore wrestler has consistently demonstrated exceptional skills, determination and a true passion for the sport of wrestling. His hard work and commitment every day during practice have not only showcased his individual talent, but also inspired and uplifted his teammates. Daniel has an extreme will to learn everything that the coaching staff asks him to do. He listens and trusts his coaches, which has played a huge part in his growth throughout the season. Once again, congratulations on this well-deserved recognition. - Coach Cassel

Calvin Cuppy, our senior wrestler has worked extremely hard to get to where he is now. He continuously puts in effort to make himself and the team better. Calvin has an extreme will to learn and he is willing to try things that his coaches want him to do. He is quick, strong and always knows what to do in any situation and his moves are exciting to watch. In the month of December, Calvin won twelve out of fifteen matches with seven pins and he finished first place in one of tournament in Illinois. Congratulation, Calvin! - Coach Cassel

Athlete of the month for December goes to Tiana Starayev #20. Tiana is a junior point guard for the Lady Orioles basketball team. Tiana has been tasked with a number of jobs for the Lady Orioles this season. A big change for her this year has been her transition from shooting guard in the last two years. As the season progresses, she is a scoring point guard. She’s a natural at that position. She is getting better and better with each game. I am proud to witness that her confidence is growing and brewing inside of her. She is learning from coaches how to run a team, what is going on the floor, and what plays are appropriate in what situation. Tiana is one of the most selfless players. She will always put others first and has done this since she stepped foot on the court as a freshman. She will continue to lead our program next season as a senior and we expect to see big things from her due to her work ethic, respect for the game, and compassion for others. 

The two things that stand out about Tiana are her work ethic and competitiveness. She is always working to get better even when no one is watching, in the cage, at home or in the park. She continues to work on her game, and she takes advantage of every opportunity to learn.  

She goes above and beyond to pass the ball to her teammates even in situations when she is open. She is a young lady of incredible character. Congratulations, Tiana! - Coach Huser

Athlete of the month for December goes to Sophia Wascher #22. Lady Oriole forward #22 Sophia, last season's Lady Orioles Most Valuable Player and NDIAA Player of the Year, has stepped strongly into her senior year and is continuing to put the Lady Orioles and our opponents on notice as one of the top basketball players. She led the Lady Orioles in multiple statistical categories for November and December, including scoring and rebounding at 18.4 points per game and 9.5 rebounds per game, respectively. She loves the competitive aspect of the game as well as being able to play with her teammates. She contributes not only statistically, but also with her maturity and leadership to helping the younger players on her team. Aside from her, I did not have a lot of players with varsity experience coming into this year, and she's helped lead by example to set a standard that the other players need to follow. She brings joy and positivity to most situations. She reached out to younger players on the team to offer rides and support. When she is on the court, she celebrates every success with her teammates. Her conduct models a standard for the team for the future. People can't help but feel uplifted by her energy.  

Sophia is constantly trying to figure out how she can get better, what she needs to do, and then she will put in the work to do it. She is the total package and embodies everything that a coach would want from an athlete.  

Her legacy will stay with the Lady Orioles' basketball program. She is a player and a young lady who I am proud to coach. It has been a great ride with her. Congratulations on a great high school basketball career. - Coach Huser

Dylan Puent had a great month of December. He practiced hard to get himself better. He led his team in points, rebounds and assists. He is one of the reasons why we are 8 and 2 records. Bright side is that he continues to get better until the end of the season. - Coach Crace

Leilani, the only senior on the cheerleading squad carrying a young group with no juniors. She brings positive energy into the room. Works hard and reminds others of what needs to be done. Continues to support a young and new to cheering group with her leadership. She is willing to take risks through trusting her bases by going up on difficult stunts as a flyer. She is our strong cheerleader pushing the group to do their best with her modeling and wisdom. Congratulations, Leilani! - Coach Crock


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