Families are still not given resources or support about including signing with their ddbddldhh children. Families often feel alone in their signing journey. For most, their baby is the first deaf person they meet. They often are nervous and scared to connect with the deaf community. Our diverse communities often desire to connect with hearing families, but lack knowledge of where families are & how to reach out.

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DawnSignPress creates, develops, and publishes quality American Sign Language (ASL) and Deaf culture-related videos and books. Dedicated to the principle that Deaf people are the natural experts regarding their language and culture, DawnSignPress wholeheartedly supports the efforts of Deaf people to document ASL, Deaf culture, history, heritage, and literature.

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The Deaf Professional Arts Network ( was originally formed to make music and music culture - the predominant shared language and experience of people worldwide – universally accessible by extending its reach to the Deaf and hard of hearing. Since 2006, D-PAN has pioneered the art form of creating high-quality American Sign Language (ASL) music videos, translating the lyrics of popular songs through ASL.

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School Supply List for 2021-2022

First day of school is August 23, 2021. High, Middle School, ECE and Elementary School Supplies are available for viewing or print at your convenient. 

High School Supply List

Middle School Supply List

ECE and Elementary School Supply List

ASL Run Series - We Thrive!

Join us as we race to support young orioles! Early Bird Special will run until August 20, 2021. We will be open for the 5K race in person on September 25, 2021! 

July 4th - One Day Sale! $5.00 off! Promo Code: JULY4

Register for the event!

Sponsorship Opportunites Available

ISD Enrollment

For more information contact Shannon Crawford, new student coordinator, and her email is or Connie McLean, teacher for toddler program

Para obtener más información, comuníquese con Shannon Crawford, coordinadora de nuevos estudiantes, y su correo electrónico es o Connie McLean, maestra del programa para niños pequeños

Language First Lab

Language First aims to educate and raise awareness about ASL/English bilingualism and the importance of a strong first language foundation for Deaf and hard of hearing (D/HH) children. Visit website.

Language First tiene como objetivo educar y crear conciencia sobre el bilingüismo ASL / inglés y la importancia de una base sólida en el primer idioma para los niños sordos y con problemas de audición (D / HH).

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