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Deaf-Success Stories

Seek the World

Creating a story out of the community is a beautiful gift; it brings people together and encourages connections. Collection of Deaf Life Stories. Go there...


The movement was started to support hearing families with deaf children. Often, families feel alone. They often wonder whether they are the only ones signing and whether there are other families who are also signing. Go there...

The Daily Moth

The Daily Moth delivers news in video using ASL. Deaf host, Alex Abenchuchan covers current events around the world.  Go there...


CSD’s (Communication Service for the Deaf) COVID-19 Hotline, Powered by Connect Direct was Recognized Alongside Apple-iOS 14 and Accessible Pharmacy Services for the Blind.  Go there...

ASL Nook

Knowing what it was like to grow up as the only Deaf person in her hearing family and raising two young signers, Sheena felt something was missing from the internet. A place where everyone is welcome to learn ASL. Go there...


The first-ever American Sign Language (ASL) accessible online game for deaf teenagers.  Go there...

Bus Door Films

Deaf Filmmakers behind a camera ready to create advertisements, commercials, and creative series.

Our work is unparalleled as we deaf-initely see things differently through a lens. Go there...

Sisters in Style

Nikki is the owner of Sisters in Style. She established this company in August 2019. She is doing everything from right to left. Now she is focusing on special projects and managing the SIS team to deliver awesome products for you all!  Go there...

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