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Cindy Sharer, Past President of PTCO, and I have an announcement about the new direction for PTCO. As you know for a few years, it was difficult finding parents or staff who are/were willing to serve as PTCO board members/officers so we’re trying something new. We will focus on identifying a chairperson for each fundraising event held throughout the school year.  

We’re looking for chairpersons for:  

Trunk & Treat (Halloween) – October  

Holiday Bazaar – November – Chairperson is Kelly Lowe (Thank you, Kelly!) 

Literacy Gala – 2022 (date to be determined) 

PTCO Day – May 1, 2022 

Staff Appreciation Week – May 2022 

For the first time, ISD will have a new foundation! The Indiana Deaf Children Foundation (IDCF) will address PTCO’s challenge in filling board/officer positions. The Foundation will have a variety of Deaf and Hearing individuals who have a desire/passion to make a difference for our students. Both organizations will remain independent of each other including their own 501(c)3 status and focus/goals.    

PTCO will focus on identifying a chairperson for each fundraising event while the IDCF Board will fundraise, monitor the budget, and promote ISD’s great work.   

IDCF’s kickoff will be announced in a few weeks and the names of the Board members will be shared at that time. The Board will develop the mission, vision and strategic plan that will support our Deaf students both directly and indirectly.

Dr. David Geeslin

ISD Enrollment

For more information contact Shannon Crawford, new student coordinator, and her email is or Connie McLean, teacher for toddler program

Para obtener más información, comuníquese con Shannon Crawford, coordinadora de nuevos estudiantes, y su correo electrónico es o Connie McLean, maestra del programa para niños pequeños

Language First Lab

Language First aims to educate and raise awareness about ASL/English bilingualism and the importance of a strong first language foundation for Deaf and hard of hearing (D/HH) children. Visit website.

Language First tiene como objetivo educar y crear conciencia sobre el bilingüismo ASL / inglés y la importancia de una base sólida en el primer idioma para los niños sordos y con problemas de audición (D / HH).

Parent Advocacy

Families of deaf and hard of hearing children attend meetings—Individualized Education Program (IEP) meetings, 504 meetings, and other types of meetings. What are these meetings about? How can you be the best advocate for your child? The Parent Advocacy app helps you to understand your child’s rights and to prepare you to work with the school in the best interest of your child. Get the app!

Las familias de niños sordos o con problemas de audición asisten a las reuniones: reuniones del Programa de educación individualizada (IEP), reuniones 504 y otros tipos de reuniones. ¿De qué se tratan estas reuniones? ¿Cómo puede ser el mejor defensor de su hijo? La aplicación Parent Advocacy le ayuda a comprender los derechos de su hijo y a prepararse para trabajar con la escuela en el mejor interés de su hijo. Get the app!

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