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Family Engagement

The purpose of Family Engagement at ISD is to promote family involvement with their child’s educational experience.  By bridging the gap between home and ISD, we will provide opportunities for families to engage with their child, other families and the ISD community.

We are committed to creating a partnership between home and school to ensure that all families, especially new families, have a smooth transition into ISD and the Indiana Deaf Community.  And we believe that through this partnership, the students of ISD will belong, excel, and thrive!

Through this commitment of providing families with ASL resources, educational opportunities, and community-based events aligning with ISD’s vision and mission, families will be able to take a more active role in their child’s learning.  

Family Engagement Specialist

317-956-2972 V or Text

317-643-4614 VP

Kyndal Gonzalez

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