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April Athlete of the Month


April Athlete of the Month, Daniel Healy. Daniel's versatility is very valuable to the team, as he is always willing to play different position to fit the team's needs. In the Month of April, he averaged .556 and led the team with .714 on base percentage. His performance on the field is a result of his passion and dedication to the baseball program. Congratulations, Daniel! ~ Coach Crace

April Athlete of the Month, Tiernan Booth. Tiernan is a true team-first player, team leader, always looking for ways to improve.  Team's lead-off hitter. He sparks the offense with his base running, where he leads the team with 4 stolen bases. Averaged .417. Congratulations, Tiernan! ~ Coach Crace


Olivia Wascher #8, Senior 

April Athlete of the Month, Olivia Wascher. Olivia takes on the role of binding the team together through her words and actions as one of our team leaders on Varsity Softball. Olivia is the heart of the team, being our pitcher with 1 shutout game vs Texas School for the Deaf and a perfect game vs California School for the Deaf-Riverside in the Hoy XXI tournament. Olivia’s pitching stats for April were 70 strikeouts in 57 innings with an ERA of 6.018. She is also our second-leading hitter in batting slugging .794 with 18 hits, 13 RBIs, and 2 home runs. Congratulations to Olivia Wascher! ~ Coach Kutcka

Jaiden Moses #9, Sophomore 

April Athlete of the Month, Jaiden Moses. Jaiden hails from the Midwest, from Michigan, after transferring here from Maryland to join the Varsity team as a sophomore because of her skill and athletic ability. Also, Jaiden’s sheer eagerness, willingness, and demonstrated effort on our team. Jaiden is the leader of our team, batting .867 with 14 hits, 19 RBIs, and 2 home runs. The team looks forward to Jaiden’s dominance in hitting and her passion on the softball diamond field. Congratulations to Jaiden Moses! ~ Coach Kutcka

Track and Field

April Athlete of the Month, Sarah Walton, a senior trackster, is ready to show off her final season. She strives to be a great athlete through her dedication and commitment to the sport. She has been consistently improving her times/distances, and recently broke the old school record in the 100-meter hurdles with a time of 17.10 seconds, surpassing the previous record of 17.17 seconds set by Micaela Paulone. Sarah dominated at the Berg & Seeger Classic, winning all three of her individual events (100-meter hurdles, 300-meter hurdles, and triple jump) and placing second in the 4x200-meter relay. She also earned the all-around athlete award. Her excellent performances on the track and field clearly demonstrate that she deserves Athlete of the Month for April. Congratulations, Sarah! ~ Coach Davis

April Athlete of the Month, Zander Gonzalez, a sophomore trackster and dual athlete, knows juggling track and baseball in the spring isn't easy. However, he excels in his main events, the 800-meter and 1600-meter runs. A dedicated long-distance runner, Zander is also willing to contribute in other events to help his team score points. He's been steadily improving in his primary events, with his current times at 2:27.66 for the 800-meter and 5:31.15 for the 1600-meter run. His coaches appreciate his dedication and hard work. Zander deserves an Athlete of the Month for April. Congratulations, Zander! ~ Coach Davis


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