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May Athlete of the Month


Ansarullah Mia-Khil has truly blossomed into a special player in the month of May. He kept improving every game, always striving to do more. He led the team in all pitching categories during May and was the starting pitcher in both of our wins in the sectionals. The coaching staff is eagerly looking forward to seeing him continue to grow over the next three years. Congratulations, Ansar! ~ Coach Crace


From the beginning of May to the end of our season, senior Alyxandra Sforzo (#20) has shown exceptional dedication to our softball program! Alyxandra’s ability to excel both offensively and defensively has been invaluable to the team. She played as an outfielder and stepped up as a backup pitcher, contributing significantly to the Orioles' victories.

Throughout the season, Alyxandra maintained a batting average of .342 and a slugging percentage of .526 over 18 games. She drove in 17 RBIs with 13 hits, including 8 singles, 4 doubles, and 1 home run.

Alyxandra thrives in our softball program. She never backs down from a challenge and always pushes herself to the limit during games. We, the coaches, are proud of you, Alyxandra. Congratulations, #20 Alyxandra Sforzo! ~ Coach Kutcka

Sophia Wascher, #2 is a senior who contributed to our team being versatile enough to play multiple positions, including catcher, outfielder, and infielder, to provide well-rounded production for the Varsity Softball Orioles. S. Wascher’s batting average is .477 for 18 games. She is one of the power hitters with .682, 21 RBIs, 14 singles, 6 doubles, 1 homerun, and leads with 21 stolen bases. It's been our privilege to coach Sophia for three years, on the field, where it’s been entertaining to watch her as a softball catcher for the team. Sophia deserves this recognition, and it is my pleasure to have her strong willed, instilled softball dedication on the team! Congratulations #2 Sophia Wascher! ~ Coach Kutcka

**Track and Field**

Leliani Gorman, a senior who specializes in sprint events, faced a major setback last year with a foot injury that hampered her running. Despite this struggle, she never gave up. She could have walked away, but her dedication to the team shone through, and she persevered to complete the season.

Her hard work paid off. Not only did she improve her sprinting times, but she also embraced new challenges by trying unfamiliar events and performing well in them. The coaches, who were previously limited by her injury, are incredibly proud of her accomplishments. Having been a valuable member of the track and field team for four years, she deserves to be the Athlete of the Month. ~ Coach Davis

Hope Laune is a senior hurdler who has been a dedicated member of the track and field team for four years. A hard worker with a positive attitude, she consistently arrives at practice on time and follows her coaches' instructions without complaint. The coaches are very pleased with her progress – she's shown significant improvement in her events. Additionally, she demonstrates great team spirit by willingly participating in other events to help secure points for the team. Congratulations, Hope! ~ Coach Davis

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