Dear ISD Student and Families:

Welcome to all students and families as the Indiana School for the Deaf (ISD) begins another educational year with programs and events for students. ISD encourages a philosophy of bilingual education and strives to demonstrate mutual respect for all people. 

The ISD Administrative Team has developed five statements so the staff can aspire to provide top-notch education to students:

1. All programs and services will be student-centered.

2. A bilingual-multi-cultural environment where cultures and languages are mutually respected and encouraged with high expectations.

3. Promote a family-friendly environment and a positive customer service attitude.

4. A qualified, proactive staff that creates a learning environment that challenges students to achieve their highest potential.

5. An empowered community that interacts and provides leadership focusing on the best interest of the students.

We look forward to educating the Deaf and Hard of Hearing students at ISD and know that the Student-Family Handbook will assist in understanding ISD better.

Best wishes to everyone for an enriched and beneficial school year!


Dr. David Geeslin


Letter from the Superintendent

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