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January Athlete of the Month

Updated: Feb 2

It's always great to have someone who not only performs well but also has a positive attitude and is a team player. With an average of 9.8 points and 6.3 rebounds per game, it's clear Jamiroquai is a valuable asset to the team. It's also great to hear that he is coachable and enjoyable to work with. Keep up the good work! - Coach Crace

The Lady Oriole athlete of the month is our senior, Olivia Wascher #33. January 2024, she is off to a great start. I, as a coach, can always count on Olivia to come to practice prepared, led by example, and always give her all. Olivia consistently demonstrates an exceptional level of hard work and dedication on the court. She exemplifies game consistency, whether scoring crucial points or her presence being felt on both ends of the court. Her versatility on offense and defense is truly commendable. She has been a valuable leader for us on both ends of the floor. Her enthusiasm, shooting, defense, and coachability are her strongest attributes. Her experience played a major factor in the team's success in the month of January. She is an outstanding student athlete and a great role model for our younger players. She continues to demonstrate a winning attitude. She has a desire to be successful and a willingness to outwork her competition, which sets the tone for our basketball program. 

Her legacy will always stay with the Lady Orioles' basketball program. She is a young player who I am proud to coach. It was a great ride with her. Congratulations on a successful high school basketball career. - Coach Huser

Itzak who is a sophomore has shown to be a great team member. She is always at practice and games ready to go and offers or asks advice of others. She is our best spotter and endures injuries to make sure the flyer does not get hurt or hit the ground. She has shown improvements when given feedback and works hard not only in the cheer room but outside on her own! The team would not be the same without her! - Coach Crock & Middlebrook

Gavin Fabela, our sophomore wrestler, finished the season with 15 wins, 13 of which resulted from pins. Gavin has shown significant improvement from last year to this year in his wrestling techniques, knowledge, and movement, continuing to impress coaches. He is a hardworking wrestler during practice every day. Gavin is one of the main reasons why we won the Willigan Dual Champions, delivering an outstanding performance in the championship match with a pin. Congratulations, Gavin! - Coach Cassel

Trevor Cason, our senior heavyweight wrestler, always shows up to practice every day and continues to train hard with his teammates. He has demonstrated significant improvement from day one to the end of the season. Trevor enjoys humor with his teammates and never stops wrestling with his coaches. He showcased significant progress by completing three full matches without getting pinned during the Willigan tournament. Congratulations, Trevor! - Coach Cassel


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