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  • IMPORTANT INFORMATION FROM SUPERINTENDENT GEESLIN (04/14/14): The April 15, 2014 School Board meeting has been cancelled. The next meeting is scheduled on May 20, 2014 at 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm in the ISD Media Center. We hope to see you there.
  • Interesting reading for all parents of children who are deaf/hard of hearing: Dispelling the Mythis and Celebrating the Strengths of Schools for the Deaf.

  • Visits to ISD: Families wishing to visit ISD as a potential education placement should contact Mary Rice at 317-550-4853 (V) or email: to schedule a visit. If you want to visit ISD for non-placement of a student please click on this link for instructions.
  • Dear ISD teachers, staff, parents and ISD stakeholders, As I stated last year, we appreciate our School Board and the Governor's office's commitment to improve the quality of education for our ISD students through a comprehensive program review. The review was conducted by the Central Indiana Educational Service Center under the leadership of Dr. Mary Ann Dewan and her team. This review went very well and identified seven significant recommendations of improvement. Our action plan to address these recommendations will be broken into several phases; from those that we can change immediately to those that could take longer (three year plan). The action plan is a living document. It will take a few months to make it stronger, viable, and to optimize the necessary improvements to help our educational service. The summary report is similar to a blue print. It will help us renovate ISD as we will develop a new vision, mission and logo We welcome your questions about the summary. We are very excited about our potential and know this is very DOABLE! Together, we have a strong ISD community with great staff, teachers, and parents providing support and resources in order for our current ISD students to thrive. Please click this link as it will lead you to the pdf of the summary report of the compressive program review. This link will lead to the PPT that was used at our August school board meeting.
  • Child First - Child First is a national campaign to ensure that the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) appropriately addresses the language, communication, and educational needs of deaf and hard of hearing children.  Child First was developed and is being driven by national organizations that advocate for the educational rights of deaf and hard of hearing children.  For additional information visit CEASD’s website.
  • The Indiana School for the Deaf Alumni Association (ISDAA) is an organization consisting of alumni who either graduated from ISD or attended ISD for some time. The mission of the organization is to hold biennial school reunions and to support the school, especially in fundraising activities. For more information please go to their website: If you have any questions regarding the web site, please contact Jeff Choate, ISDAA President.


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