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The Student Center, through after-school programs, will incorporate the nine dimensions of student development to ensure growth in relationships, self-confidence and self-health.


The Student Center, a department within the Student Life Division, is one of the major programming and servicing units for students with ages ranging from elementary to high school. The Center’s major roles and functions are to implement and coordinate a variety of after-school activities, study hall services, off- campus field trips, clubs, and recreational/intramural programs. The Center also supports the Residential Halls by planning activities, coordinating transportation arrangements, and providing supplies and materials needed for the activities.

The Student Center supervises all administrative aspects of student programming and services such as the Orioles' Snack bar, Resource Center, Arts/Crafts, Student Work Program, Literacy Center, Orioles Nest, Clubs, Student Life Library, Monthly campus wide events and Field trips. The SC aims to provide high quality services for the students.


The SC has four objectives for programming and services:

  • To develop "whole," well-rounded students through a challenging and supportive environment where academic and personal development is integral based on the nine dimensions of the student development philosophy. The nine dimensions are spiritual, physical, intellectual, cultural, emotional, sexual, political, life planning, and social.

  • To build a relationship between academics and after-school programs.

  • To empower students to become independent life-long learners.

  • To promote student leadership and creativity and address the issue of student apathy during after-school hours.

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