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School Board


The primary function of the Indiana School for the Deaf Board is to provide the leadership, vision, accountability, and advocacy to ensure the fulfillment of the ISD mission statement.

In carrying out this responsibility, the board will establish policies, assess school performance, facilitate strategic planning efforts, oversee budget preparation, promote stakeholder communication, support statewide outreach efforts, and make recommendations to the Governor and General Assembly.


All meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. at the Indiana School for the Deaf, Willard Hall, Media Center, 1200 E 42nd Street, Indianapolis, IN.  There is no meeting in December. 


Individuals who are not able to attend Board meetings may stay informed by reviewing the Board meeting minutes posted below. Minutes are posted after Board approval. 

The ISD Board invites you to attend our meetings and to get to know us. In helping you become better informed about key issues related to ISD and our community, we ultimately help our students.


If after touring this site and you can think of ways to make it more informative and accessible, please drop us a line. We welcome your comments, ideas, and questions. Board correspondence can be submitted to the following email.

Meeting Dates


September 20 - Minutes

October 18 - canceled

November 15 - Minutes

December - No Meeting

January 17 - Minutes

February 21- Minutes

March 21 - Minutes

April 18 - No Meeting

May 16

Kelly DiBenedetto


Ann Reifel

Vice Chairperson

Ed Clere

State Representative

Andy Leffler

Board Member

Lucy Witte

Board Member

Dr. Theresa Miller

Board Member

Patrick Rhodes

Board Member


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