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Graduation Day for Class of 2020

July 25th, 2020 - Graduation Day for the Indiana School for the Deaf, a special day of celebration to recognize our Seniors with commencement and a parade!

Tre'Von Brame

Isabelle Dove

Darion Ford

DeJavier Goodner

Corbyn Gray

Audrey Haynes

Chase Kanable

Allison Lewis

Megan Martin

Hailey Mast

Maria Mateo-Pascual

Paige Moore

Gabriel Murphy

Averie Ponozzo

Anya Pothorski

Hannah Puent

Stephanie Roberts

Pedro Rocho

Tyonna Saines

To'Jah Sanders

Max Skjeveland

Jenica Teregeyo

Julian Torres

Scholarships and Senior Awards

Governor Holcomb's Graduation Speech


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