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Flu Season

For additional information and guidance on flu outbreak, feel free to go to either websites: https://www.cdc.gov/flu/index.htm and/or www.in.gov/isdh.

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Man and women sitting at the desk with the TV screen showing an image of a lady blowing her nose with text, "Flu Season".

Video Transcript:

Matt: Hi I’m matt Krueger, the student life director here at ISD.

Paula: Hello, my name is Paula Lamonaca, the director of nursing here at ISD’s health center. 

Matt: Awesome!  We decided to take this opportunity to talk about something that has been talked about a lot lately, the flu and the coronavirus. So we’re going to talk with Paula about it.  What is the coronavirus? 

Paula: This year that is a new virus first found in China.  It spreads, not by person to person, it’s not severe here in the US.  Right now, the flu is a big concern here in the US. 

Matt: So the flu is more of a concern than the coronavirus here in the US.

Paula: Yes

Matt: So what is the flu?  How can you identify it?

Paula: There are many symptoms, but they vary. Some are a high fever, body aches, chills, vomiting, diarrhea, cough and sore throat.  This year, the sore throat has been seen in a lot with the flu. 

Matt: That’s quite a list of symptoms!  So when you get the flu do you get all of them? 

Paula: No, just some.  Maybe just a high fever and a sore throat would be it. 

Matt: Ok.  So you could experience the flu with just a high fever and a headache, but somebody else might have the flu with body aches and vomiting.  So it’s different for everyone, that’s interesting.  Well I do know that I don’t want it. How can I avoid getting it? 

Paula: There are many simple things you can do like washing your hands often with soap and warm water. You want to make sure you cough into your elbow and not cover your mouth with your hand.

Matt: Why don’t you want to cough into your hand?

Paula: Because if you cough into your hand and the germs get on your hands then that’s how the virus spreads. 

Matt: So you wash your hands with soap by putting a little soap in your hands and then letting water run over hands as you rub your hands under the water? 

Paula: Yes

Matt:  So you just let the water run over the soap that was on our hand?

Paula: Well move your hands out of the water to rub the soap into your hands.  Lather the soap out of the water.  And then . . . 

Matt: for how long?

Paula: 20 seconds

Matt: So here’s a tip! You know how to sing the Happy Birthday song. Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to you…. If you sing that song in your head while you’re washing your hands it will be 20 seconds!

Paul: That’s a good idea.

Matt: So there’s that, drink water, what else?

Paula: You want to make sure you drink plenty of water, cough in your elbow, wash your hands, rest. And don’t contact anyone you know that is sick.

Matt: Don’t contact?! You mean I can’t text them?

Paula: Yes you can. Just not face to face contact.

Matt: Ok great so we can still text them and let them know we hope they get better soon and encourage them. What a relief! So let’s say I’m at work and I start to get a headache and have some body aches and decide to go home. Then I check my temperature and find I have a fever too, I should stay home and drink plenty of water, get some rest, then when my headache is gone can I go back to school? Or what’s important?

Paula: Make sure that you are fever free for 24 hours without the help of fever reducing medicine.

Matt: Can you tell us what you mean by fever reducing medicine?

Paula: Like Tylenol or ibuprofen.

Matt: That means follow the directions on the medicine bottle, then when you stop taking the medicine and don’t have a fever you can go back. For example, if you check your temperature at 3 pm and don’t have a fever, you must wait 24 hours from that time to go back to school. So if it’s 3pm on Wednesday that doesn’t mean you can go to school on Thursday morning, stay home and rest until the next day. This is so we can prevent others from getting sick.  We wanted to share this important information with you so we can all work together to keep our school healthy and ensure that all of the students are able to learn and our teachers can teach which we know is so important. So we have 2 websites you can look at to find our more information about flu. Please see those below and thanks for watching.

Paula: Thanks, bye.

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