Athletics Announcement

Announcing the new Athletics Director.

We will have our first Volleyball game this week! Thursday, August 27th @ 5:00 p.m. vs Christel House Academy.

Transcript for the Athletics House Rules for the school year 2020-2021:

Peter: Hello! My name is Peter and I am the Athletic Director. Wade: Hi, my name is Wade and I am the Assistant Athletic Director. Peter: Today I’ll be sharing the athletic department’s “house rules.” First, our fan section will be limited to families of the athletes. Family will only be admitted through the front door. Family will not be admitted through the side doors. Those of you who may need to use the accessible ramp will need to contact the office in advance so those doors can be opened.  For the time being, we will have only one entrance. Please keep in mind, that you will need to maintain three to six feet of social distance while you await entry. Masks will be required. We are mandating that masks are worn before you enter the facilities and while you sit in the bleachers, in socially distant family clusters. Secondly, we will have two bleachers set up.  One set of bleachers will be for the visiting team and on the opposite side of the gymnasium will be bleachers for ISD families. Thirdly, our volunteer cohort will primarily consist of parents. Each of our head coaches have communicated the need for volunteers amongst parents. If there is still a need for volunteers then they will communicate directly with me.    Wade: We will have concessions available for purchase; however we will not be offering hot food items. We will be selling potato chips, candy, water, and soda-pop which have been individually packaged. We will also be providing hand sanitizer at the entry door for everyone to use as they come in. Additionally, people will be signing-in and signing-out as they enter and exit through the assigned doors.These sign-in sheets will be clearly indicated.  Peter: We want to see your school spirit! Wade: We look forward to your ongoing support! Peter: Be safe! Wade: Stay Healthy! Both: Go, Orioles, go!

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