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Athlete of the Month - January 2021

Junior Luisa Skjeveland has shown great commitment to cheerleading and her squad. She participates in gymnastics to enhance her skills. Luisa’s traits in cheerleading continues to thrive! She is not afraid to admit her mistakes and learns from them! She has made good attendance regardless the challenges we face with virtual settings. She is respectful of her coaches and follows through what is asked of her. She sets a good example to others by giving out advices, sharing ideas and working on skills together. Most importantly, she exhibits team player with her teammates. ISD is proud to have her represent our school.

Coach Debi Bradach

Congratulations, Luisa! #ISDOrioles #MightyOrioles #ISDinthisTogether

The athlete chosen for the month for January is a player who made significant strides in her basketball skills from the beginning of the season to today - Jaden Abernathy, #21.

Jaden always worked very hard and improved her overall abilities this season. She battles hard inside and gives our team a much-needed interior presence. Her overall level of toughness at each and every practice is something we definitely needed. She is one of our team's best practice buddy. Jaden is a great teammate and is maturing very much. Her improvements are not only based on statistics, but they also include Jaden's mental approach, intensity, and hunger to improve everyday………no opportunity is wasted.

There were doubters which were proven wrong by her actions, which spoke volumes. Jaden has always been about the process and putting the team first. Jaden’s minutes and numbers definitely increased this season, including her efficiency too. This is a testament to her hard work and skill while being asked to do more for the Lady Orioles. Jaden is aware that I am a strong believer in communication. She's done everything I’ve asked, and hasn't strayed once without an issue, including no arguments, no attitude, no breaking team rules. She shows true sportsmanship when she faces adversity by saying: “'I’ve got you” or “My bad” or “I will make it up…….no fear!”

She is a big part of our team's improvement this season. Her contribution is valuable to the team regardless of how small her role may be.

I am excited to see Jaden continue to grow as a person. She has a good sense of humor and can get us laughing (at least me). It's been a great ride with you, Jaden! It probably won't hit me until next basketball season when I turn around during basketball practice and you are not there. That is when I will realize how much we will miss you! I will have a moment, and then I will smile, remembering that you've made your mark on Lady Orioles basketball team and know that you are on the road to success in college and life beyond ISD.

Coach Huser

Congratulations, Jaden! #ISDOrioles #MightyOrioles #ISDinthisTogether

Dylan Puent, a freshman, became a solid addition to the ISD (Indiana School for the Deaf)boys’ basketball program this year because of his devoted commitment. Puent is an all-around player who has proved himself to be an invaluable member of the team. He is considered one of the team’s hardest workers. Puent, in the month of January alone, had 119 points in 7 games along with 55 rebounds! Per game, Dylan’s average has been a whopping 17 points with 7.9 rebounds. Puent poured in a career-high 28 points against Thrival Indy Academy on January 20 and followed up with a double-double (18 points and 12 rebounds) against Indianapolis Herron on January 26. Puent is enjoying a successful freshman season for the Orioles so far. He shot 53 percent from the two-point paint and 40 percent from the three-point line. Puent is one of our most reliable free throw shooter with close to 70 percent. Puent, most of the time, tends to stay after the conclusion of the practices to working on his shooting skills. For his efforts and accomplishments on the court, Puent has been selected as the player of the month for January.

Coach Kutcka

Congratulations, Dylan! #ISDOrioles #MightyOrioles #ISDinthisTogether


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