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Athlete of the Month - December 2020

Congratulations, Caitlyn!

Caitlyn Smith #15, a senior basketball player at the Indiana School for the Deaf, is a leader, not only on the basketball court but also off the court leading by example with respect, passion, cohesiveness, and dedication. Most importantly, Caitlyn is a great young lady. Her leadership is the critical component to this very young team with five freshmen, one sophomore, one junior, and another senior. Caitlyn always strives to do better. She noted for her passion, attitude, maturity, and personality, and her overall demeanor inspires those around her. Caitlyn can be steel and velvet, hard as a rock and soft as drifting fog, holding in her heart and mind the paradox of a terrible storm and peace unspeakable and perfect.

Her legacy will stay with the Lady Orioles basketball program. She is someone I'm proud to coach. The past four years have been a great ride! It probably won't hit us until next basketball season when we turn around during basketball practice, and you are not there. That is when we will realize how much we will miss you. We will have a moment, and then we will smile, remembering that you've made your mark on the Lady Orioles basketball program and know that you are on the road to success in college and life beyond. Thank you for taking care of your teammates on your team.

Coach Huser

Congratulations, Leilani!

Leilani Gorman, a freshman and her first year on the varsity team, enjoys making everyone laugh. Leilani has shown her cheerleading spirit by selling most rally towels! She is not afraid to check in for help.

Her confidence in cheerleading has been improving every day as she learns new challenging skills this year. She can make last-minute changes and follows experienced cheerleaders' lead. She made good attendance regardless of the challenges we face with virtual learning/cheering.

Coach Debi Bradach

Congratulations, Sabu!

Sabu Middlebrook, Junior, has been named the player of the month for December. Sabu came to our boys' basketball program on the first day of the practice with raw talent. After a few weeks, Sabu started to transition and build himself as an important part of the team. Sabu never complains and always listens to the coaches' feedback. Sabu admitted that it was nerve-racking for him when his name was called to step on the basketball court for the first time against Purdue Polytechnics. He quickly evolved into a better player. Sabu is an easygoing and hardworking player. We, the coaches, enjoy

watching him grow into a fine young man.

Keep up the excellent work, Sabu!

Congratulations, Seanna!

As the basketball head coach, I would like to recognize Seanna Baird as December's athlete of the month.

Her passion to be a better basketball player goes beyond my expectations. She is very committed to our homecourt. This is done through Seanna's example of staying after practice because she wants to put in the extra work. She is never satisfied and sees room for self-improvement, which is great for the coaches to see. Seanna is a great asset to the team.

Seanna can control a few games. Sometimes, when our score was deficient, she can be a game-changer in no time. She can get to the basket and is a tremendous three-point shooter. Her greatest attributes are her desire to continue improving as a player on the court and her well-being. As her coach, I believe that Seanna will be phenomenal once she understands what it takes to be a champion and work on some of her weaknesses.

I look forward to seeing what Seanna will become at the end of her journey, and I'm glad to be along for the ride.

I am optimistic that Seanna will take the Lady Orioles basketball program to the next level.

#ISDOrioles #MightyOrioles #ISDinthisTogether


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