October 28, 1981


Ethel M. Koob, affectionately known to her friends and colleagues as "Koobie," served the State of Indiana and its School for the Deaf for a period of 31 years. For 11 of those years, she worked as a teacher of children with severe learning disabilities, and following that, she served as Dean of Girls at Simpson Hall, the old girls dormitory.


"Koobie's" performance is characterized as outstanding in its dedication and conscientious unselfish service to the thousands of deaf children with whom she came into contact. Her home was at the School, and her working day knew no hourly bounds or schedule. She established a wide and lasting reputation for her tenacity in adherence to principle, firmness and fairness in dealing with students, and true unselfishness in the conduct of her daily activities. Her courageous indomitable spirit motivated her to continue effectively on numerous occasions when physical problems or other difficulties arose. Her influence benefited the lives of countless deaf children through the years, and became a living monument as results passed from one generation to another. 


In honor of her long, faithful, conscientious service, and as a lasting tribute to her unprecedented dedication, the south wing (girls) was named the Ethel M. Koob Residence Hall. 


Koob Hall is located on the south (girls') wing of the Student Residence Hall building. Koob Hall has six living pods for female residents. Each pod has an average of ten rooms with two beds each and a central living room where students congregate.