October 28, 1981


William L. Fair, known to his many friends and colleagues as "Bill," served the State of Indiana and its School for the Deaf for 25 years, beginning on July 27, 1945, and ending with well-earned retirement on August 31, 1970. Prior to his arrival in Indiana, Bill had already established a successful record of service and leadership in the education of the deaf, this being first in Oklahoma, and then at the Kansas School for the Deaf where he was the academic and vocational principal. At the Indiana School for the Deaf, he first served as Dean of Boys, and later was advanced to Dean of Students, a new position which placed the total homecare or residential program under one person. 


Intelligence, patience, understanding, the ability to communicate, and total commitment to job responsibility are some of the specific attributes necessary for successful performance in the dean's position. Mr. Fair possessed these characteristics to a high degree and demonstrated their use with unquestionable loyalty and dedication. His infinite, priceless legacy was exemplified in the lives of the thousands of deaf students who  benefited from his influence. 


As a token of high esteem, as an enduring tribute, and in in recognition of long and outstanding service to the deaf children of Indiana, the north (boys) wing was named the William L. Fair Residence Hall.