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Middle School Principal

Andy Alka

V: 317 550 4799

VP: 317 493 0619

Middle School Secretary

Felicia Hubbard

VP: 317 493 0617



The Middle School offer curricula under the Indiana Department of Education Proficiency Standards with emphasis on linguistic and cognitive skills with real-world applications.

The Middle School comprises the sixth through the eighth grades. The curricula encompasses Language Arts (English & Reading), Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, ASL and Deaf Studies, Physical Education and Health, as well as quarterly class rotations. It utilizes technology, especially computers, as productivity tools. There are seven class periods per day.


The mission of the ISD Middle School department is to provide an educational, bilingual environment in which students feel safe, secure and unlimited in pursuing learning experiences to their maximum potential. ISD is committed to providing students with the encouragement and educational opportunities necessary to prepare them to become productive members of society. It is the ISD's goal is to assure that all students receive a well-rounded education that emphasizes high academic and social standards, promote healthy lifestyles, cultivate critical thinking and problem solving skills, develop technological literacy, provide for postsecondary and/or career preparation, and instill a desire for life-long learning.


ISD Middle School department is fully committed to providing each student with a well-rounded educational program in a bilingual environment leading to high school which will foster independence and social responsibility in the 21st century.


Indiana Standards and Tools for Alternate Reporting (ISTAR)

ISTAR measures student progress in English/Language Arts (ELA), Science (Grades 4, 6, and 10), Math (Grades 3-8, and 10), and Social Studies (Grades 5 and &) based on alternate standards. Grade-level standardized tests may not be able to adequately assess students who perform at a rate significantly below their grade level. ISTAR aims to alleviate this issue.

World-Class Instructional Design and Assessment (WIDA)

WIDA is an English language proficiency assessment put in place to meet Indiana’s standards for college and career-readiness. This assessment measures English language skills.

NWEA- Measure of Progress (MAP).

Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) are for students in grades K-12. These assessments have been designed to measure academic growth, establish curriculum, predict proficiency on tests, etc.

ISTEP+ Grades 3-8

The ISTEP+ is designed to test students in the areas of English/Language Arts, Math, Science (Grades 4 and 6), and Social Studies (Grades 5 and 7).


All students will be marked according to their achievement within the level  in which they are working. In general, courses will be graded four times a year. View grading scale.

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