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Middle & High School


  • Family Contact Information

  • Emergency Closing and Delays

  • Emergency Evacuation Procedures

  • Skyward

  • Case Conference Procedures

  • Student Drop-Off/Pick Up Procedure

  • Visitation Policy

  • Media, Entertainment, Amusement

  • First Amendement Freedom of Speech

  • First Amendement Demonstrations and Assembly

  • Right to Express Concerns, Complaints and Greivances

Family Contact Information

Family Contact Information - Printable Sheet

Staff will respond within 48 hours, if response was not made, please resend the message, and include in the email to the principal (for school related concerns) or Residential dean (for residential related concerns). If another 48 hours passes and a response was not made, please email directly to the Kimberly Kause for all educational concerns and Matthew Krueger for all Student Life concerns.

If you do not find the information you need to reach, please contact your child's department secretary.

ECE & Elementary

Scott Tilson

Middle School

Felicia Hubbard

High School

Melissa Ward

Emergency Closing and Delays

ISD rarely closes during inclement weather. A “state of emergency” declaration by the Governor and a cooperative decision by the Superintendents of ISD and the School for the Blind and Visually Impaired is required.

If buses from throughout the state arrive early to pick up students, ISD will release them. Public schools will not transport students if the road conditions are not safe. Please make arrangements for childcare on those days. ISD does not encourage families to bring their child/ren to school if their local school district is closed. Students will receive excused absences for inclement weather when their daily buses do not transport, run on a 2-hour delay, or pick up students for early dismissal. Families should contact their LEA to be placed on their local weather alert communication system. This will inform parents when their local school system is closed.

Should there be a need to inform the public of information regarding ISD and inclement weather; the Superintendent’s office will contact the following television stations:

WRTV – Channel 6 

WTHR -Channel 13  

WISH– Channel 8  

WXIN -Channel 59  

WTTV-Channel 4

Emergency Evacuation Procedures

ISD conducts School Safety Drills throughout the school year. The purpose of the practice drills is to ensure that students and staff are prepared to respond quickly to safety in event of an emergency. Students requiring special assistance will follow their individualized education plan (IEP) established by the Case Conference Committee.

Fire, tornado and lock down drills are conducted for the student’s protection and in order to gain practice in leaving the building in case of an emergency, fire, tornado and lock down drills are held periodically. When the fire alarm occurs, all students are to evacuate the building in a quiet and orderly manner. The exit used by a student is determined by their position in the building at the time of the warning signal. Specific instructions are located in each classroom and building on ISD’s campus. Students will re-enter the building as soon as the signal for their return is given. When the tornado alarm occurs, all students are to watch carefully for staff/teacher instructions and move to their assigned areas quietly and quickly. Follow the specific instructions located at each classroom and throughout the building on campus to get to safety. Be sure to stay away from doors and windows and protect yourselves by sitting facing the wall with your head down. Students return to class as soon as the all-clear signal is given. When the lock down alarm occurs, all students will be cleared from the hallways or main areas and go to the nearest room as quickly as possible, lock the door, stay quiet, and out of sight. Students will be reassured that there is a plan in place and answer any questions they may have on the procedure. Lock down drills are used to secure the school buildings and grounds during incidents that pose the highest level of threat in or around the school building.


ISD values the importance of communication between staff, students, and families. Skylert messages through the Skyward system will be used to send out emergency messages based on circumstances. Staff will email important information home through the Skyward system, be sure to set up your access so that you are receiving messages this way. ISD encourages families and students to access Skyward for homework/assignments, projects, test dates, report cards, attendance records, class schedules and discipline information from home. Families and students may request their username and password or support on how to use Skyward from their child’s department secretary.

Case Conference Procedures

All students receiving special education services have an individualized education program (IEP). The IEP is updated annually. All families get the parent safeguards and are notified of the time, day, and location of the Annual Case Review (ACR) or Case Conference meetings. A case conference may be scheduled upon request. Please contact your child's ISD IEP Administrator to schedule a conference. If it is not a case conference issue, the family’s request may be referred to the principal or classroom teacher. Case conferences will be scheduled at a time and place mutually agreeable to the family, ISD staff, and the local educational agency (LEA) representative. The ISD IEP Administrator will

represent all teachers at the case conference. The ISD IEP administrator and classroom teacher will monitor the implementation of the IEP (Individualized Education Program) and will communicate updates to the IEP with the classroom teacher. The classroom teacher will ensure supplementary aids, services, program modifications, and supports are provided in accordance with your child’s IEP.

Placement decisions are made by the Case Conference Committee according to Article 7 511-42-5-6. If concerns or issues arise regarding your child’s educational needs, potentially impacting placement, please contact the Classroom Teacher. The teachers may arrange a meeting with the appropriate parties.

Change of address can lead to change of LEA/school district and may need to have a move-in conference to update service with the new LEA school representative. Please communicate with your child’s classroom teacher, department secretary, or IEP administrator when you have a change of address or have moved to a different district.

Student Drop-Off/Pick-Up Procedure

Students who leave or arrive after the school day has begun must sign in/sign out with the department front office secretary. Families should notify the department front office secretary prior to picking up their child. The person picking up must be authorized by the family/guardian before we can release student to them.

It is very important that students are promptly picked up from school. If you are unable to pick up your child at the dismissal time, you must contact the front office secretary and make arrangements for pick up. ISD will make effort to reach the family to see what is needed when the child is not picked up on time. If no one is reachable after one hour, school will contact the police and then child protective services will be notified to address the safety and wellbeing of the student.


1. Families may drop off their child in front of the Willard Building entrance no earlier than 7:30 am.

2. Students riding the bus will be dropped off at KRC (Middle School students) or Caskey Gym (High School students).

3. Student’s family must communicate any change in transportation plans for after school with the classroom teacher and secretary or residential dean in writing via email or note by 2pm. Verbal messages will not be accepted. If the secretary is not notified, the student will be placed on the bus or follow their normal/daily schedule (Example: Students normally rides the bus but will stay after for a sporting event or club, the secretary needs to be notified of this plan prior to 2:00 pm).

4. Day students planning to spend the night or weekend with another day student must have written email or note from both parents with details of the changes (include date of change, bus number and names of students with parent signature). Verbal messages will not be accepted.

5. After School Care is available from Monday to Thursday from 3:15 – 5:30 pm and on Fridays from 2:15 – 4:00 pm. ISD offers after school care to support families who have essential jobs and need care for their children. Families are responsible for the pickup from the after-school care site promptly. For after school care information and registration packet, contact the student life administrative assistant to make arrangements.

6. Weekend transportation changes for Friday/Sunday with residential students will need the weekend transportation change form filled out. The form may be obtained from the residential advisor or dean and must be filled out and given back to the residential dean before Wednesday night by 10 pm for any Friday and/or Sunday transportation changes. Parents of the student inviting another student to ride home with them must contact their home district to check for local policy/rules with students from different district riding with the student.

7. The student’s family must pick up their child from the front office for any appointments during the school day. It is the responsibility of the family to sign their child in/out.

8. The family is required to notify the secretary before 7:50 am if their child is going to be absent that day by notifying the secretary via e-mail, phone call or note.

Visitation Policy

Prior to visiting campus, please make an appointment with the appropriate person. All visitors must check-in at the security gate. You will also need to sign-in with the secretary upon entering the building. Families attending a case conference may sign-in at the gate, then in the front office of Willard Hall and then may proceed to the Case Conference area.

To ensure the continuity of the learning and residential environment and to make your visit more pleasant, please adhere to the following guidelines in this policy.

We believe that all information (written and observed) belongs primarily to the students and/or families, and the school. Information that is disclosed to “third parties” obligates those parties to safeguard and protect the confidentiality of any personally identifiable information. The administration asks that anything you, as a visitor, see, hear, or observe during your visits not be shared in any way. This is a protection of the student’s civil rights, and we ask visitors to pay special attention to this very important issue. In order to protect our student’s right to privacy, only visitors who have legitimate educational interest in our students will be allowed visit the classroom. Exceptions apply to law enforcement, students, LEAs, state DOE representatives and CPS.

Arriving on Campus

1. Middle & High School (in the Willard Hall Building) – Visitors check in at the security gate and proceed to the Middle (room #137) or High (room #110) School secretary’s office to sign in.

2. Residence Halls – Visitors check-in at the security gate and proceed to the to the residential dean on duty in the main lobby of the KRC building.

3. Athletic Events – Visitors check-in at the security gate and proceed to the appropriate field/track/gym.

Volunteer Procedure

ISD recognizes the importance of parent/guardian volunteers in for the enhancement of activities and programs. Families interested in volunteering in the school setting will need to apply and complete a background check before being approved to volunteer on campus and before receiving their volunteer assignment. Volunteers will receive volunteer information and orientation when approval is given to be a volunteer. Please contact the specific department you are interested in volunteering.

Education (school/classrooms) contact Melissa Hopper at 

Residential (dorms) contact Jeanny Wooten at 

Athletics (after school sports activities) contact Peter Leccese at

Media, Entertainment, Amusement

  1. Movies (Videotapes/ DVDs) – General Audience (G), Parental Guidance (PG), and Parental Guidance 13 (PG13), videotapes/DVDs will be shown to age appropriate student audiences. Restricted (R) movies will be shown only for curriculum purposes after parent permission has been secured by an appropriate staff member.

  2. Video games – ISD does not encourage violence games. The games must be rated no higher than “E” for elementary and “T” for middle school and high school as recommended by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB).

  3. Music CD’s – Any music CD’s with obscene or profane lyrics is prohibited from ISD campus. Any such CD’s will be confiscated and sent home after parents have been notified.

First Amendment Freedom of Speech

Students have the right to exercise their constitutional right to free speech. The principal/residential dean may reasonably regulate time, place, and method of distribution of said speech. The principal/residential dean may prohibit advocacy or distribution of the material, which by its content will:

  • materially and substantially interfere with the proper operation of school/residence environment, or

  • may cause violence or disorder, or

  • constitutes an invasion of the rights of other students or staff.

Some examples of materials that may be prohibited are those containing libelous, slanderous, harassing, or obscene messages.

First Amendment Demonstrations and Assembly

Students have the constitutionally protected freedom to assemble peacefully and have the right to request time from the principal/residential dean to hold planned and non-disruptive assemblies.

Right to Express Concerns, Complaints and Grievances

Students are guaranteed avenues through which they may channel complaints and suggestions concerning school rules, policies, and regulations.

Students with complaints and grievances should follow this procedure.

1. Discuss the problem/concern with teacher, counselor, and/or residential advisor.

2. If not resolved, then bring it to the attention of the principal or residential dean, who, with the student, may approach the Student Life Director and/or the Director of Instruction if needed.

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