Kim Kause

Director of Instruction

Kimberly Kause is currently the Director of Instruction at Indiana School for the Deaf. Ms. Kause has been in the deaf education field since 2001. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Ms. Kause received her B.A. in Elementary Education from Gallaudet University in 1999. After receiving her Bachelor’s degree, Ms. Kause pursued her Masters of Education degree in Deaf Education at Kent State University and completed her degree in 2001. She began her teaching career teaching high school students at South High School in Cleveland before moving to Minnesota. Ms. Kause has also taught at the elementary level at the Metro Deaf School (MDS), national’s first deaf ASL/English bilingual charter school in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Ms. Kause completed her Education Specialist degree from Gallaudet University in school administration in 2007, as well as PK-12 Principal and Superintendent Licensure program at the University of Minnesota. She has also worked as the Director of Metro Deaf School and Minnesota North Star Academy prior to accepting the Director of Instruction position at the Indiana School for the Deaf in 2011. 

Andy Alka

Middle and High School Principal

Andy Alka is the Middle School and High School Principal at Indiana School for the Deaf. Mr. Alka has served in the education field for 24 years. He previously served as the principal for the Willard School for 8 years. Mr. Alka attended Ball State University where he graduated with both his BA and MA degrees. He is also a proud dad of 7 wonderful children, two of which attend Indiana School for the Deaf.  

Sandra Wascher

ECE and Elementary Principal

Mrs. Wascher is beginning her 8th year at ISD. Before she became a principal, she was a bilingual/ASL specialist, ASL teacher, and elementary teacher at ISD. Prior to coming to ISD, she had the opportunity to spend four years as an ASL specialist at Metro Deaf School in St. Paul, Minnesota. She also worked as an elementary teacher for four years at Robarts School for the Deaf in Ontario, Canada. Mrs. Wascher has been involved in education since 1997. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts from Gallaudet University and a Master’s Degree in Deaf Education from McDaniel College in Maryland. Currently, she is taking classes at IUPUI for an Educational Leadership certification. Mrs. Wascher is not only a proud educator; she is a proud mother of three children, who are all currently students at ISD.

Dawn Crock

Special Needs Coordinator

Dawn Crock is the Special Needs Coordinator at the Indiana School for the Deaf serving students from preschool through 12th.  Dawn has worked at ISD since 1998 and has 9 years of experience teaching students with additional disabilities in the Preschool, Elementary and High School life skills classrooms. She has received her bachelor’s degree from Gallaudet University in Secondary Education and Biology; and a masters degree from McDaniel College in Deaf Education. Since 2011 upon joining an integral part of a school's instructional leadership team, Dawn is responsible for providing support in programs that provide educational assistance to students with mental, psychological, learning, behavioral, or physical disabilities.  Dawn has attended the Autism Academy (round table) since 2011. She is currently responsible for supporting principals, teachers, paraprofessionals through coaching and consulting using evidence based practices in the classroom to ensure success of each individual students’ unique challenges. 

Jeff Choate

Assessment Coordinator and Corporation Test Coordinator

Jeff Choate is the Assessment Coordinator and Corporation Test Coordinator at Indiana School for the Deaf. Additionally, Mr. Choate serves as the Chief Attendance Officer, and as a Skyward Administrator. Mr. Choate also handles compliance in regards to the Department of Education reporting. Prior to his current role at Indiana School for the Deaf he served as MS Principal and HS Principal for Indiana School for the Deaf. Choate was also a Vocational Principal at Missouri School for the Deaf, and a MS Principal and School Improvement Facilitator for Kansas School for the Deaf. Choate also worked as a teacher for 15 years.Mr. Choate is an alumnus of Indiana School for the Deaf, and holds a B.A. in Government and an M.A. in Education of the Deaf from Gallaudet University.

Marie Kellam-White

Coordinator of Learning and Achievement

Marie Kellam-White is the Coordinator of Learning and Achievement at the Indiana School for the Deaf. Marie has worked at the Indiana School for the Deaf since 1988. She has received a Bachelor's degree in Deaf Education and a Master's degree in Educational Leadership and Building Supervision from Ball State University. Marie graduated from Gallaudet University in 2008 with an Educational Specialist degree in Educational Change and Leadership. Marie taught first grade at the Indiana School for the Deaf for 19 years. In 2008, she became the Middle School Principal at Indiana School for the Deaf and remained in that role until 2013.  She currently is responsible for Professional Development, Curriculum and Instruction, and Goal/Progress Monitoring Compliance. Marie has served on several accreditation committees to oversee progress at the Indiana School for the Deaf.

Stephanie Steiner

Educational Technology

Media Specialist

Stephanie Steiner began her career at Indiana School for the Deaf after graduating from Ball State University in 2007. She taught kindergarten for five years before transitioning to her current position as Educational Technology and Media Specialist. She serves the staff and students in all grade levels as they strive to enhance the educational experience through the use of technology by creating opportunities to create, collaborate, and grow both inside and outside the classroom. 



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