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ECE & Elementary


  • Family Contact Information

  • Emergency Closing and Delays

  • Emergency Evacuation Procedures

  • Skyward

  • Case Conference Procedures

  • Student Drop-off/Pick-Up Procedure

  • Visitation Policy

  • Volunteer Procedure

  • Media, Entertainment, Amusement

  • First Amendment Freedom of Speech

  • First Admendment Demonstrations and Assembly

  • Right to Express Concerns, Complaints and Grievances

Family Contact Information

Family Contact Information - Printable Sheet

Staff will respond within 48 hours, if response was not made, please resend the message, and include in the email to the principal (for school related concerns) or Residential dean (for residential related concerns). If another 48 hours passes and a response was not made, please email directly to the Ms. Kimberly Kause for all educational concerns and Mr. Matthew Krueger for all Student Life concerns.

ECE & Elementary Secretary

Scott Tilson


Emergency Closing and Delays

ISD rarely closes during inclement weather. A “state of emergency” declaration by the Governor and a cooperative decision by the Superintendents of ISD and the School for the Blind and Visually Impaired is required.

If buses from throughout the state arrive early to pick up students, ISD will release them. Public schools will not transport students if the road conditions are not safe. Please make arrangement for childcare on those days. ISD does not encourage families to bring their child/ren to school if their local school district is closed. Students will receive excused absences for inclement weather when their daily buses do not transport, run on a 2-hour delay, or pick up students for early dismissal. Families should contact their LEA to be placed on their local weather alert communication system. This will inform parents when their local school system is closed.

Should there be a need to inform the public of information regarding ISD and inclement weather; the Superintendent’s office will contact the following television stations:

WRTV – Channel 6 

WTHR -Channel 13 

WISH – Channel 8 

WXIN -Channel 59 

WTTV-Channel 4

Emergency Evacuation Procedures

ISD conducts School Safety Drills throughout the school year. The purpose of the practice drills is to ensure that students and staff are prepared to respond quickly to safety in event of an emergency. Students requiring special assistance will follow their individualized education plan (IEP) established by the Case Conference Committee.

Fire, tornado and lock down drills are conducted for the student’s protection and in order to gain practice in leaving the building in case of an emergency, fire, tornado and lock down drills are held periodically. When the fire alarm occurs, all students are to evacuate the building in a quiet and orderly manner. The exit used by a student is determined by their position in the building at the time of the warning signal. Specific instructions are located in each classroom and building on ISD’s campus. Students will re-enter the building as soon as the signal for their return is given. When the tornado alarm occurs, all students are to watch carefully for staff/teacher instructions and move to their assigned areas quietly and quickly. Follow the specific instructions located at each classroom and throughout the building on campus to get to safety. Be sure to stay away from doors and windows and protect yourselves by sitting facing the wall with your head down. Students return to class as soon as the all-clear signal is given. When the lock down alarm occurs, all students will be cleared from the hallways or main areas and go to the nearest room as quickly as possible, lock the door, stay quiet, and out of sight. Students will be reassured that there is a plan in place and answer any questions they may have on the procedure. Lock down drills are used to secure the school buildings and grounds during incidents that pose the highest level of threat in or around the school building.

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