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You can make a difference

We are very proud of the Indiana School for the Deaf, its environment, facilities, expertise and especially our pupils and their achievements. All donations are used towards/for students. 

The Indiana School for the Deaf is a fully accredited school for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students from ECE through high school. The first state-sponsored school in America that offered free education to any Deaf student. From that beginning, Indiana School for the Deaf has developed into one of the leading Deaf Schools in the nation, rich in heritage yet always striving to meet the challenges ahead.

​Bilingual Deaf Education provides language acquisition and facilitates proficiency in two languages, American Sign Language and English. By providing an enriched academically and socially learning environment, our Deaf and Hard of Hearing students develop a sense of identity within the Deaf community.

• Reading programs • Early Childhood Education programs • Independent living skills development • Clubs and extracurricular activities • Performing arts programs • Athletic programs • Student Life programs • Summer Camps • Educational training opportunities, materials and resources • Workforce development programs • Advance technologies • Support Services



Payable to the Indiana School for the Deaf

and mailed:

ATTN: Superintendent's Office

Indiana School for the Deaf

1200 E. 42nd St.

Indianapolis IN 46205


Please include DONATE or IN MEMORY OF (include the individual's name) in the memo. All donations sent to the Superintendent will be acknowledged. 


Questions?  Call 317-550-4800

Thanks for your support! Orioles Pride!

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