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Learn American Sign Language (ASL)


Sign Classes in Indiana for Parents/Caregivers of Deaf & Hard of Hearing Children 


Indianapolis, IN  


The Indiana School for the Deaf (ISD) partners with Indiana Association of the Deaf (IAD) to provide the opportunity for families of ISD students to take American Sign Language (ASL) courses.  The ASL Classes are offered on the ISD campus.  Parent(s), legal guardian(s), siblings, and grandparents(s) fall within the definition of family members. Aunts, uncles and cousins may be considered. All family relationships will be confirmed through the Superintendent’s Office. For more information on this collaboration and the ASL courses offered please visit the Indiana Association of the Deaf website.


Evansville, IN 


Connections Deaf Centers 

P.O. Box 14492

Evansville, IN 47728

812-618-0122 (VP)

812-491-6036 (V) 




ASL Resources 






American Society for Deaf Children (First year free to parents of Deaf children): 



YouTube Channels:


Bill Vicars from 

CHS ASL (American Sign Language-Carmel High School)

Sheena McFeely from ASL Nook and author of Shay & Ivy