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Etiquette: Working with an ASL/English Interpreter

In order to ensure smooth and accurate interpretation please refer to the following guidelines when utilizing the services of an American Sign Language (ASL)/English interpreter:

  • Please provide the interpreter with information about the topic of discussion in advance.
  • If possible, provide the interpreter with an extra copy of notes or handouts that will be referenced during the interpreting assignment.
  • Maintain comfortable eye contact with the deaf individual and look directly at them when speaking.
  • Please address the deaf person directly, not the interpreter. 
  • The interpreter will speak in the first person. 
  • Speak clearly and in your typical tone of voice. The interpreter will ask you to clarify or repeat your statement(s)if there is a miscommunication or if additional information is needed.
  • Please do not attempt to schedule an appointment with an interpreter during an assignment. All requests for scheduling must be made through the interpreting office.