Indiana School For The Deaf

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ISD offers audiology services by certified and licensed audiologists. Audiologists at ISD provide direct student services to address IEP goals and objectives. Our audiologists monitor the hearing levels of our students and manage the technology our students may use. They may also facilitate the fitting of new hearing technology and collaborate with other audiologists all over the state in an effort to optimize the use of listening devices.Audiology staff members also provide audiological assessment, hearing aid and cochlear implant support at school, staff training and consultation, and parent consultation. 
ISD’s Audiologists are English/American Sign Language bilinguals and have experience and training in school age audiology, bilingual bimodal language and listening development in Deaf and Hard of Hearing students.Each speech language pathologist and audiologist works closely with an ASL Specialist and a Bilingual Educator for assessing and developing both American Sign Language and written/spoken English.