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Life Skills Program

The Life Skills Program offers opportunities for students who are Deaf and have additional disabilities to learn various skills needed to be successful, independent and functional citizens after high school. Students in this program will obtain a Certificate of Completion upon graduation. The program offers both functional academics and life skills for students who perform significantly below grade-level and have individualized goals. Instruction increases from classroom to community based instruction, in order to facilitate a transfer of skills from theory to practice, as each student approaches graduation. The approach used to support teaching functional academic and life skills to persons who exhibit a range of learning characteristics and abilities include the following, but are not limited to:


  • Adapting/modifying materials to give students access to the curricular topic by developing and applying concrete competencies related to the world outside school through real-world tasks.
  • Following the student’s interest or strength – making learning meaningful
  • Exercising literacy structure with high expectations that tie communication with literacy materials and accessible activities that are geared towards the student’s individual level
  • Utilizing systematic and direct instruction to engage the student with a hands-on functional approach using real-life examples.