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Operations Division


It is the mission of Operations Division at the Indiana School for the Deaf to provide operational support and personnel service to the students, staff, families and the I.S.D. community to ensure resources exist in which our students can achieve academic and social excellence in a Bilingual environment.


The Operations Division is committed to: providing a clean , safe, attractive and accessible environment for our staff, students and visitors; providing healthy, nutritious, and tastefully prepared meals at all times; earning the respect of all individuals by maintaining a knowledgeable, responsive, well-trained and accountable workforce that discharges their duties and responsibilities with evidence of fairness, tolerance and equality; providing training, guidance and consulting services to staff throughout campus in order to ensure consistency and fairness; and providing timely, accurate services from the payroll and business office in order to ensure seamless services are provided.


The Operations Division is strongly committed to providing the support services necessary for the smooth operations beneficial to our staff and students. The Operations Division recognizes that continuity is needed campus wide. Our Division respects the importance of providing for the safety, security and education of the young minds placed in our care.

You may contact the following for additional information:

Name Title Email Address
Jeremy Hawk
Operations Director &
Indoor Air Quality Coordinator/Ethics Officer and School Safety Specialist & Business Office
317.550.4866 (V)
Adam Ervin  Physical Plant Department Director
William Henderson Storeroom Clerk