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Indiana Book Awards

Young Hoosier Book Award (Picture, Intermediate, Middle Grades):


Eliot Rosewater Indiana High School Book Award (Rosie Award):



The Eliot Rosewater Indiana High School Book Award (Rosie Award) is chosen annually by students across Indiana in grades nine through twelve. There are twenty nominated books in this category. The Young Hoosier Indiana Book Awards are chosen by students in grades K-8, in three categories: Middle School, Intermediate, and Picture Books. There are fifteen books in each of these categories. Students at participating schools and public libraries who read any of the nominated books are eligible to rate each book they've read. Ballots will be available in the Media Center, beginning in April. The votes are tabulated each May, and the winner is announced.

The authors of each year's award-winning books are invited to receive the Rosie/Young Hoosier Awards in person at a special event sponsored by the Association for Indiana Media Educators and the Indiana Library Federation.


The purpose of these Awards is to encourage all Indiana students to read for fun. It also promotes cooperation between school administrators, media specialists, teachers and public librarians in broadening reading programs.






At ISD, this program is very new, and hope to expand on it more in the future. We started the program in October 2013. From then until January 2014, we encouraged students to read 5 or more books from their respective lists. Four students reached this goal and were invited to a pizza party, which was held in March 2014. We are continuing with this program, with more activities planned for late May. Students wishing to participate can see their TOR or Mrs. Keller in the Media Center.


On March 11, 2014, three of our students enjoyed pizza and described their favorite books, so far, from the lists: 


The Case of the Diamond Dog Collar

by Martha Freeman

"One of the books I read was The Case of the Diamond Dog Collar. It is my favorite because the plot isn't really boring. The story isn't just about a dog, Hooligan. It talks about his lost collar, and he freaks out about it. Cameron and Tessa, characters in the story, help to look for it. They suspect that one of the candidates stole it. They try to find clues. They panic and wonder if the diamond is fake. They try to find the collar. They tell their mom, but she doesn't care. I think that my friends should read this and they will enjoy it because it is a good story."

Aubrie Bauer, 5th Grade, Teacher - Jerry Claus


 Clean by Amy Reed

"The book I liked the most would be Clean. The author did a good job at capturing readers' attention. I hardly put the book away when I first started reading Clean. The story hooked me throughout. The ;lot and everything was very vivid and realistic. Normally, I'd enjoy breading romantic novels but Clean "spoke" to me. I liked Anna and the French Kiss and One Step at a Time, as well!"

Britta Schwall, Senior


Divergent by Veronica Roth

"The book I like the most is Divergent. As a book whiz, I have this tendency to become enthralled in science fiction and/or fantasy. Fortunately enough, this book provides endless suspense with a girl who has an amplitude of 3 (read it to find out what this means!) and displays an outstanding plot where I get anxious as I read. If you truly love the Hunger Games trilogy, then this book is highly recommended. "

Jeffrey Spinale, Jr., Senior