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Technology Resources for Parents

The use of technology among children and teens, especially personal devices such as iPads, has increased tremendously in the last decade.  Now that schools, like ISD, are leveraging the amazing educational digital tools and resources available on the Internet, students are able to connect, learn, and share in ways never before possible.  
All of this access and connectedness can be great for learning, but brings its own challenges as well.  More ways to communicate and explore means an increased need for educating and monitoring our students as they navigate the digital world.  Parents and teachers need to work together to help students develop digital citizenship skills, set appropriate limits for screen time, and recognize the dangers of accessing inappropriate content.  
The resources below can help you find answers to many of the questions you may have about parenting in the digital age.  If you have any questions regarding ISD's policies, restrictions, or digital citizenship education, please contact Stephanie Steiner (Educational Technology Specialist) at .   
Raising Digital Citizens - "This is a collection of resources intended to support and encourage the responsible use of digital tools." 
Cyberbullying Q&A - Common questions many parents have regarding cyberbullying and answers from experts.  You can search questions by age group to find topics that fit what you need. 
Setting iPad Restrictions - This link will give you step-by-step directions for setting up restrictions on your child's iPad.  The ISD technology staff asks that you please contact us to place these restrictions whenever possible in order to help us know what each student can and can't access in case an issue comes up in class that prevents a student from completing his/her work.  If restrictions need to be set immediately, you can use these directions to do so and notify ISD technology staff.