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Welcome to the Indiana School for the Deaf Technology Center!


Mission Statement 

The Indiana School for the Deaf strives to be the premier comprehensive center providing education, services and resources for Deaf and Hard of Hearing children, their families, and educational partners.


Technologies that enable or provide a true bilingual environment are needed everywhere on the campus, and should be used all the time. Every opportunity that allow for true, equal accesses in resources by every single student and staff should be incorporated daily. The school's use of video conferencing, web cams, ISDTV, digital cameras, visual presenters, digital video cameras, and more, enables true, equal access.

The Technology Center is staffed with two employees:


Peter Pickering - Systems Administrator/Manager of Information Technology











David Tajc - Information Technology Specialist











A third staff member works within the Education department but closely with the Technology Center:


Stephanie Steiner - Tech Integration Coordination/Manager of Instructional Technology