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2015 PTCO Day a smashing success!

Over 3,500 individuals attended the annual PTCO Day festivities on campus. The event featured different and various venues such as the Zipline, Bubble Soccer, a Classic Car and Motorcycle Show, along with different booths selling items and food. Many thanks to the PTCO Day co-chairpersons Dwight Casler and April Wolfe for pulling off yet another successful PTCO Day!
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The Oriole Academy Appreciation Brunch

The Oriole Academy at the Indiana School for the Deaf hosted its first annual Appreciation Brunch today with a great program for invited guests and participating students.

The Oriole Academy is a program geared towards career training for students who desire to join the workforce immediately upon graduation as an alternative for further education.
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2015 National Academic Bowl Champions!

The ISD Academic Bowl team comprised of Kenneth Peters, Cade Patterson, Raelyn Fuechtmann and Colton Crace defeated Rockville (MD) High School 68-53 to capture the 2015 National Academic Bowl championship.

The team was coached by Mary Kovatch and Chuck Daube, who guided ISD to their third national championship in the past seventeen years, as well as advancing to the "Final Four" ten of the years ISD has participated in the competition. This past weekend was their eleventh straight National Academic Bowl appearance.

Kenneth Peters and Raelyn Fuechtmann were named to the All-Tournament team. The National Academic Bowl was held at Gallaudet University in Washington, DC Sunday and Monday (April 26 and 27th) and the Orioles leave for Indianapolis this morning with a 8-1 record and the crown!
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Honoring Coach Grubb

Last weekend, 30 alumni members of the 1982 and 1983 National Deaf Prep championship football teams traveled to Due West, South Carolina to honor Coach Ernest Grubb (ISD History teacher 1979-1989) at the request of his wife, Ann (ISD Teacher and Administrator 1969-1989).

The event was hosted by the Renaissance Retirement Community, where Coach Grubb now resides and sponsored by the Senior Wish program established by Susan Jackson, part-owner and marketing director of the retirement community home. Ms. Jackson was aided by Coach Grubbs' wife and Mike Stutltz in making his wish come true. The event featured an outstanding banquet and power-point video of Ernie's tenure as football coach of the Orioles. Prior to the evening banquet, the team surprised Coach Grubb at the Dixie High School gym where he coached his team in one last light-hearted football scrimmage against a team comprised of the local fire-fighting department.
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New Banners adorn campus

Last Saturday, a group of volunteers comprised from the Deaf Community came to ISD and helped put up the fabulous new banners bearing our new school logo, along with inspirational quotes. Here at the Indiana School for the Deaf, everyone Belongs, Excels and Thrives!
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The Bard's Birthday

Celebrating William Shakespeare's birthday at the Matthew S. Moore Auditorium under the directorship of Donna Keller, a full house saw a humorous hour-long performance by high school students. HS English teachers Rachelle Powers and Matthew Annis' classes were involved in this oft-hilarious performance, which saw several Shakespearean skits.

The album can be found here:
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The Middle School's Annual Science Fair

Behind the leadership of Chairman Brian Thorn and the Middle School teachers - the MS Department pulled off a very successful Science Fair. This annual fair saw a very high participation rate by students, which overtook nearly half of the Stanfill Vocational Building.
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ISD - National Math Counts Champions!

The ISD Math Counts team comprised of Courtney Skjeveland, Franco Bippus, Gino Riggio, Rayston Fonseca, Max Skjeveland, and Alec Miller captured the National Math counts tournament held at the Rochester Institute of Technology last weekend, making Head Coach Tom Perkins a very proud man. "The kids worked hard, and despite the high stress surrounding them in the tournament, they managed to come out ahead with heads held high!" said Coach Perkins.

Capturing the tournament that involved 24 other schools was not easy, they had to go through several tough aspects of the tourney. They were one of only two schools completing ten tough math questions in a hour and fifteen minute span. All of the Orioles participated in the Sprint Round - answering 30 math questions in a forty minute time limit. In the Target Round, they managed to do two sets of four difficult math problems in the alloted time.

They got 9 out of ten math questions right in the Team Tournament Countdown and were declared winners. Four students placed in the overall top ten including Franco Bippus, who placed second and Courtney Skjeveland, who placed third with Rayston Fonseca following at fifth. Alec Miller finished 7th.
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Legislative Page Day

Kalena Bumbala, Ashley Hess, Gino Riggio, Max Skjeveland, Jenica Teregeyo, Denali Thorn, Lance Buschkoetter, Nataly Fonseca, Mercedes Olson and Ryan Ostler of the Indiana School for the Deaf were State Legislative Pages recently.

This program allows our students to participate in interactive educational experiences to learn more about how our state government operates. They had a tour at Indiana's historical Statehouse which included the House and Senate Chambers, the Supreme Court, and the Governor's Office. They had the chance to meet and talk with their own district representatives as well as observe the legislative session directly from the floor of the House, listening to debates on important policy issues.

We had the chance to meet well-known politicians that have played a very important role in the Indiana Deaf Community - Representative Christina Hale, Representative Gregory Porter, Representative Ed Clere, and Superintendent of Public Instruction for Indiana Glenda Ritz.

Teacher sponsors were John Borkowski and Eric Bruckman.
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