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Middle School students compete in Math Counts


Teachers Tom Perkins and Lisa Skjeveland along with 4 ISD Middle School students travelled to Rochester, NY for the National Deaf Math Competition taking place in RIT/NTID on April 8-10, 2016.  There were 32 Deaf/deaf programs schools and 118 Deaf/HH students participating in the competition.  The ISD students who participated in the competition were Corbyn Gray, Megan Martin, Gino Riggio, and Max Skjeveland. 


Our team competed against other schools Friday night by attempting to solve all ten questions with a specified time limit.  We only got nine out of ten questions correct and did not finish on time.  BOCES, Texas School for the Deaf, and Florida School for the Deaf and Blind were the only three teams who completed all ten questions before time expired.  There were other schools that also finished with nine out of 10 questions.  We would not know if we would be in the championship round until the next day. 


Saturday morning, our students competed individually during the sprint round  which consisted of 30 questions with a 40 minute time limit. The next individual completion was a target round, consisting of two to four problems with twelve minutes to solve each problem.  After lunch at NTID, we were given a tour of the RIT/NTID campus.  We still didn’t know if we would be in the championship round. 


All competing schools, including ISD, gathered in the auditorium waiting anxiously for the announcement.  BOCES (deaf program schools), Texas School for the Deaf, and Florida School for the Deaf and Blind knew they would be competing in the championship round due to their finish on Friday.  Finally, they announced ISD would be in the championship round.  The first round was to solve ten questions with a 1:30 minute time limit.  Unfortunately our team missed the first three questions and could not catch up to the other teams.  We placed fourth in the championship round.  BOCES won the championship . 


Our students, Corbyn Gray, Megan Martin, Gino Riggio, and Max Skjeveland represented ISD well and we are proud of their effort and hard work!!