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Google Expeditions comes to ISD!

Last Thursday, January 7th, over 200 ISD students had the opportunity to participate in 18 different virtual field trips to places such as Gettysburg, London, Japan, Dubai, and more through the Google Expeditions Pioneer Program. ISD applied to be a part of this unique opportunity and was chosen by Google as one of a select number of schools to help pilot their new virtual reality platform designed with the classroom in mind. 

Students used cardboard viewers fit with android devices to view locations like the Great Barrier Reef and check out the view from the top of Burj Khalifa in Dubai.  Their viewers were connected to an Android tablet that was showing their teacher what they were looking at and providing him/her with additional information about that location to share with the class.  Using the tablet and Google Expeditions App, teachers could draw student attention to specific areas and pause the expedition to discuss and explain what students were seeing. 

We want to thank Google for this wonderful opportunity!