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Midwest Regional Academic Bowl Win


On the weekend of December 4-5, 2015, the Indiana School for the Deaf Academic Bowl Team won the Gallaudet University Midwest Regional, hosted by the Ohio School for the Deaf, Columbus, Ohio. Sixteen different Deaf Schools and mainstream programs vied for the top honors over the weekend and ISD came out on top. The team is made up of Freshman, Franco Bippus, Sophomore, Cade Patterson, and Juniors, Rynata Fonseca and Isabella Paulone. They are coached by Mary Kovatch and Chuck Daube.


ISD won the National Championship Academic Bowl last year with three seniors (Colton Crace, Raelyn Fuechtmann and Kenneth Peters; all Gallaudet University freshmen this year) and returned just one experienced player, Sophomore, Cade Patterson, to this year's team. Although many would consider 2015-16 to be a "rebuilding year" for ISD, this squad did an outstanding job of studying hard, building team chemistry and attaining their goal of winning the Midwest Regional Championship. In addition to that accomplishment, Franco Bippus was named the tournament's Most Outstanding Player along with four All Stars from other schools. Franco is only the second Freshman in the history of the Gallaudet Academic Bowl to earn the Most Outstanding Player honor.


If that was not enough to make the entire Deaf Hoosier Nation proud, the Gallaudet Academic Bowl Committee announced that the 2017 Midwest Regional Academic Bowl will be hosted by the Indiana School for the Deaf, February23-26, 2017. It has been several years since ISD hosted the Midwest Regional, however, there are still a good number of veteran staff and community members who helped before and we have a large group of new staff members, students, parents, friends, retirees, etc. who will make sure that ISD's proud tradition of hosting outstanding academic and athletic activities continues.


Individual Match Results:


ISD 56     Missouri SD       34


ISD 40     Kansas SD         39


ISD 53     Wisconsin SD       40


ISD 46     Iowa SD           21


ISD 40     Nebraska SD       21


ISD 39     John Hersey HS     11


ISD 42     Ernest Drury HS   40


ISD 54     Hinsdale South HS 38   Championship Match


As winners of the 2015 Midwest Regional Championship ISD's next step is winning another National Championship at Gallaudet University in April.