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ISD's iPad 1:1 Program

O’Keefe Foundation - iPad 1:1 Program

Thanks to the O’Keefe foundation donation, over 200 middle school and high school students at ISD will be diving headfirst into the 21st century as they participate in ISD’s 1:1 mobile device program. Because of these generous funds, ISD was able to purchase ClamCase
Pros for students in grades 6 through 12, to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their iPads. Now their iPads can be used to do more word processing, easier web research, and more efficient online communication.
In addition to these top-of-the-line cases, funds were also used to purchase four beautiful charging and storage carts for use in the residential dorms. Now students can charge and store their iPads overnight in a secure location ensuring that they are ready
and waiting for all the learning, creating, and collaborating that will happen in the classroom.
The students and staff are both incredibly humbled and grateful for this generous donation. We are confident and excited in the truth that these funds will have a positive and lasting impact on student learning and student lives for years to come!