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ISD's New Portable TV Studio

The dream of having an on-location camera for our television program has become a reality with the TriCaster 460. In the past ISD students were forced to conduct interviews and film event announcements in the CTE TV Studio. With the mobile TriCaster, we can take it anywhere! We are able to create professional real-time videos in a small space. It is very versatile and has extensive mobile-scale multi-camera video solutions. It is capable of providing 3D and holographic sets. It takes up very little space (as shown in the picture). We are able to video programs, shows or games via web streaming. It even works on any platform such as the Apple iPhone or iPad.

Our students were able to use it on several projects such as the CEASD Conference, Clerc Basketball Tournament, Department of Education Training and many other events. During the CEASD Conference at the Hyatt Regency downtown, our students learned how to transport the TriCaster 460 and set it up by themselves. They developed the scripts and set up several of the new Sony HXR-NX70 HD Compact Camcorders to hook up with TriCaster 460. They stayed almost the entire conference recording the presenters and at same time learned about the latest best practices of Deaf education.

At the Clerc Basketball Tournament, our students set up several video cameras during the games. Two were on the floor beside each goal and one was up on the second floor of the gymnasium. They worked in developing artwork that showed live text along with the basketball scoreboard. It looked exactly like what you would see on television watching a national televised NBA basketball game. They developed scripts that incorporated sponsor advertisements that funded the tournament and also set up an interview room where the reporter conducted interviews during half time. The students managed over twenty basketball games. SportsMX was so impressed with our students work they hired our students to work for them.

There are many job opportunities for our students to work in and this project really helped escalate our digital learning capacity for our students and staff. It would not be a possible without the O’Keefe Foundation support.