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Physical Plant Department

The Physical Plant Director for Indiana School for the Deaf (ISD) oversees 18 staff including: Maintenance Crew, Grounds Crew, and Steam Plant Operators. Physical Plant staff are responsible for all 21 buildings on campus, 80 acres of grounds, and 20 State vehicles. Indiana School for the Deaf has 4 multi-purpose buses, and one of these buses is wheelchair accessible. The multi-purpose buses are driven by residential staff and others to transport students to activities and events. 


Physical Plant Department Director 

Adam Ervin


Capital Projects 2015-2017


Alumni Hall HVAC Project – All units on the first and second floor that were damaged during the winter storm of 2014 have been replaced. The new units are energy efficient and use digital controls for operation.
Utility Assessment – This study is being done to find a better way to deliver energy for the Campus.
Willard HVAC Project – This project will replace several HVAC units that were damaged in the winter storm of 2014. Project has been bid out. Once the bid is awarded the work will start in the spring of 2017.
CTE Phase I HVAC Replacement – This project will replace the HVAC units on the north end of the building. This project is currently in the design phase and will most likely start in the spring of 2017.  
Simpson Hall Demo – This project has been continued until the next Preservation meeting in October. Indiana Landmarks is having a structural engineering study done on the building.