The new museum, although small, is filled with compelling stories of students learning, growing, and figuring out their place in the world – something we all struggle to do, whether deaf or not. One area tells the story of A Girl Named Annie.

Annie Cooper came to the Indiana School for the Deaf as a child (in 1911, if I remember correctly). She wore large black-rimmed round glasses. In highlighting Annie, Indiana Deaf Heritage brought the story of the new kid at school to a very personal level. I viewed the Indiana School for the Deaf and its students through Annie’s eyes. What could have become a rather impersonal story about a building and the people that used it became a touching story about one kid leaving home and going to a boarding school with all the worries and concerns that any one of us would have.

Indiana Deaf Heritage Museum

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Effective September 2012 the Indiana Deaf History Museum will be closed until December 2012. It will reopen in December with a new exhibit. Time and schedule for visiting the museum will be announced . If you have any questions, contact

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